Thank you For Your Purchase! You now have access to my most effective affiliate marketing tactics I’ve used since 2012 and I still use them now! I’ve got something else for you…

I want to hand you a COMPLETE system that generates between $50 - $100 Per day As Close To Autopilot As I've Ever Seen....

 ATTENTION ALL: Burnt, scammed, pilfered, bummed out aspiring affiliates...

So How Much Of Your Hard-earned Cash Have You Spent On 'Dead Duck' Affiliate Marketing Courses From 'Experts' Who Have NO IDEA Themselves?

I Don't Usually get mad But...

Lesson 1: Stop Buying TRASH!!

Some of you may already be intermediate to advanced online earners/Affiliate marketers - and some of you are probably making a heck of a lot of money too, and that's great!

However for most of you reading this, you've struggled, got burned, spent a bunch on PPC and failed, or you're just starting out and everything looks like a scam...

...or you finally figured out that you simply MUST stop the rat race you're in to really 'make it' on your own, but you have no clue where to turn...

(Who are you kidding - when it comes to money & success we could ALL use an 'escape plan' from the system most are caught in... and I'm going to attempt to help YOU build that escape plan starting today!).

NOW is your time new friend! 

NOW (more than ever) with so much uncertainty in your future and your families future. (Thanks Mr. Economy....)..It's time to start looking out for No1.

That's YOU and the loved ones you care about most.

Anyway, let's get started...

My name is Ben Fletcher (that's me Mr Ugly below)...

 ...and in the next few paragraphs, I'm going to tell you how I went from a flat broke car mechanic to quitting my job and pursuing the hobby that I love...

But first I want you to meet Mike:

Mike is a Mechanic and he's pissed off.

His job consists of starting at 7:30am and by 9am he would be up to his elbows in grease, this wasn't helped by the fact that he despised his job, his boss and even his  colleagues.

Not a day would pass without some sort of argument with somebody on the workshop floor.

Then one day, he was emptying a customers car out and as he was doing so, he noticed expensive suits, Shoes and a membership to an elite country Golf Club.

"Whoever this guy is, he's earning more than I am" Mike muttered to himself.

It was at that moment, that he realised there must be a better way to earn a living other than what he was doing.

Being a car mechanic doesn't pay very well, he was earning about $18,000 PER YEAR and that's BEFORE tax.

So he started researching online about ways to earn more money.

He found something that interested him, quit his job and dived head first into it, despite having less than $50 to his name in his bank account and no other job to go to.

His back was firmly against the wall.

In case you're wondering...

"Mike" in the Story above is actually me.

And this was my first ever affiliate sale:

A whopping $56.78!

That might not seem much, but they say you always remember your first sale...and it's true.

Fast forward almost a decade, I'm now a full time affiliate marketer enjoying pay days like these:

(Below 1 single email blast to a list of less than 500 subscribers)

(Below This was promoting a Bodybuilding product on clickbank, I have many more pages of email notifications like this for the same product, this is just one of them)

(Above This was for one small Niche site that I never even touched for months)


Below random commission payouts which I have no idea where these came from

(Above Image is not clear due to upload / resizing - But I came 3rd with @250 sales)


(Image below is for 4 different info products - nearly $40K in commissions)

And then you get random little baby's like this:

NB: to this date, I have no idea where this came from .

It's only $60 bucks but it all adds up and that's a decent chunk of the phone bill taken care of right?

Before I go any further...

Here are the TOP 4 Mistakes that I see newbie Affiliate Marketers (including me once) making:

Mistake #1. Wrong foundations:

When you enter this business, you are jerked left, right & centre down many roads by MANY so called "experts". 

You see websites with pictures of money, houses, secrets, "loopholes" and a quick 'buy this and be rich' pitch, which you've probably fallen for a few times now, am I right?

Getting the wrong foundation in this business is going to set you on a hiding to nothing and to put it bluntly, the only 'loophole' you're going to find is the hole burning through your wallet.

And not to mention the time you're going to waste.. time you're never going to get back either, by the way.

Mistake #2. Trying to do it on your own:

Many Affiliates are quite competitive by nature (I certainly am), and so they think "This is a piece of cake, I can do this all on my own!".

When the cold hard truth is, they can't!

Don't get me wrong, you can definitely make a few sales here and there by winging it, however trying to make consistent daily sales without a solid plan is like trying to drive a car on one wheel.

Mistake #3. Giving up after one campaign:

Some people give it their all, full throttle and nothing less.

Then when they see that their first campaign wasn't profitable, and they don't understand why...

They get discouraged and and start scratching around for the next shiny "this will definitely work"  product to take a crack at (ahem **cough** this was me).

Only the strong and patient survive, do not give up after your 1st attempt.

Mistake #4. The power of 'TAKING ACTION':

So you talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

I've invested nearly a decade of my life in this industry, and the one thing I notice about those that MAKE IT and those who DON'T, is that they don't just learn/read forever...

They absorb what they need and then they TAKE ACTION!

Even if you fail, it's better than not taking any action at all.

Right Here and Right Now I'm Offering You a shortcut! Literally...

But First...

Slowly Wins The Race!

(It's no coincidence that no goo-roo ever tells you this **cough**)

I could show you the keys to the kingdom and 'circle jerk' you into a full blown sales funnel with promises of how you can top leaderboards as I showed you above...

...but let me be honest...

It's taken me over half a decade of Trial & Error to get there and if I did give you all that whilst I'd gladly take your money (in true goo-roo fashion)'ll be overwhelmed...

...and quite frankly, that's not how I roll, I like my beauty sleep at night.

So how about this....

What if I handed you a complete 'warts-n-all' SCALABLE and very DO-ABLE system, that you can have up and running in ONE WEEKEND that makes you $50 - $100 per day on near-complete autopilot by the end of Week 2?

Don't believe me?...


(click to Play)

The common denominator with ALL of my successful Assets (web properties) is that they focus on attracting select and very specific types of visitors.

And here's the biggie...

Only in markets that are best suited to my system.

(I'll give you my own private rolodex of such markets, not 1, 2 or even 3.... I'll give you 15 of them to be precise).


The whole entire point of being an affiliate is . . . not commission generation, which comes on it's own (if you do this stuff right) . . . 


The entire point of affiliate marketing is to leverage other people’s products to GET PAID for building YOUR OWN lists.

And that's exactly what I'm going to teach you to do.

Automated Income Assets is a comprehensive video training course, complete with additional downloadable SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures), Cheat Sheets and Guides.

In Other Words...

If I Needed Cash With a Berretta Pistol Pointed Directly At My Freaking Brain...This System Is EXACTLY What I'd Do To Get It...

I carefully and very deliberately, designed this system to contain everything I would have demanded access to if I was starting again from scratch tomorrow or a loaded gun was pinned against my brain.

It's a complete system that shows you how to build wickedly simple automated income assets by leveraging the power and simplicity of Affiliate Marketing.

But there's a right and a VERY WRONG way to do this, and it's actually taken me quite a while to get it "right".

Beware! There's some seriously damaging "misinformation" out there.

Screw this up and you're on the fast-track to Skint-Street...

I've condensed almost a decades worth of trial, error and abject failure while enroute to success into 4hrs of solid 'No stone unturned'  completely un-barred training.

Here's exactly what you'll find inside Automated Income Assets:


Here I'll give you 15 of my most profitable niches, so that you don't have spend weeks even months and wads of your hard-earned cash down the plughole just trying to figure out what works.

I'll give you 15 of my most PROFITABLE Niches.

I'll also show you my "Shooting Fish in a Barrell" approach to finding the best products to promote as an affiliate with minimal competition while still remaining highly profitable for you.


Affiliate Marketing is NOT about making sales, in fact it's not even about selling.

It's about solving people's problems and sales are a by-product of that.

When you solve people's problems, sales are inevitable. 

It WILL happen whether you want it to or not.

But here's the thing...

Not all content is created equal, in fact the content most aspiring affiliate marketers write is destined to fall flat on it's face (and that's exactly what happens).

They know how to write, but they don't understand how to present what they write  in such a way that:

#1 solves problems

#2 motivates people to click their affiliate link and BUY.

In short:

If you're not doing a good enough job of #1 then #2 won't happen.

It's as simple as that.

It took me several years of wasted time and dollars to figure this out.

I'll show you 'over my shoulder' exactly how to write this content and if you suck at writing, I'll show you where to get this content and how to structure it.

The beauty of this is, you don't even need to be an expert in the subject matter.

Trust me, I'm in 5 different niches right now as I type this and I'm only a so called 'expert' in one of them and they all make me affiliate sales.


Your site needs to target and convert BUYERS if you want to be successful as an affiliate - period.

These are little Income Assets or web properties that take just a few hours to set-up (when you get the hang of this, you'll do these in like an hour).

The keyword here is INCOME.

These aren't just some meaningless, fruitless websites that just sit there doing nothing.

These are your income generators.

These are how money get's into your pocket.

I'll show you step by step how to do this.

Literally all you have to do, is just follow the videos.

It's all there.

And the thing about this, they act almost like windmills that just keep ticking over for as long as the wind blows and you can set up as many of these things as you like

At one point I personally had over 20!

Most affiliates over complicate this stuff and seriously, this isn't rocket science.

If you can point & click you can do this.

MODULE 4:  The Affiliate Email Sales Engine

This part right here is the AUTOMATED part of it.

This is the V12 Mercedes Benz AMG Engine that POWERS your assets.

You know the whole "making money while you sleep" stuff you hear about?

Yeah, well this is how that happens.

In this Module I'll not only show you how to craft affiliate sales sucking email sequences but I'll show you from start to finish how to set the whole lot up.

For those of you who don't have a list, I'll show you how to build one.

For those of you who already have a list, I'll show you what to send to them.

You've heard the phrase "the money is in the list"...

While that's true..

If you don't know how to extract that money out of the list, it's like having a cash vault right in front of you but no key to open it.

In this module, I'll not only show how to get the vault, I'll give you the keys to open it too!

MODULES 5,6 & 7:  Traffic Grabbin'!

This is where the rubber meets the road...

This is all about Traffic.

That means, getting visitors to your Affiliate Assets we created in Module 3 >>> which will turn those visitors into subscribers >>> then the Email Affiliate Sales Engine we created in Module 4 will turn those Subscribers >>> into BUYERS!

These modules are all about Google Ads.

I'll show you:

  • How to prepare for & GET buyer traffic
  • How To Get Your Ads Approved and NOT get banned.
  • I'll show you step by step watch over my shoulder as I create a campaign LIVE and how you can do this yourself.

I have a profitable affiliate campaign running right now and I've only spent $52 dollars on traffic and I'll even show you it.

By the way, this highly targeted quality traffic too.

This isn't going to be one of those trainings where you'll be told to run Google Ads without being shown what to do next.

I'll show you every step of the way.

Here's the point...

It's Time You STOPPED Playing the Game Like a Small-Time Affiliate!

Automated Income Assets will teach you how to build a lucrative online business by building your own income 'assets' and leveraging the products and hard work of others so that you can focus on what matters – making moneywithout working ridiculous hours to achieve a no return.

This program is different from everything and absolutely ANYTHING else you've tried in the past because of two things..

1) it actually works


2) it’s not based on here-today-gone-tomorrow gimmicks or any re-hashed crap...

(seriously, if you see anything else like this, tell me, because as far as I can see nobody else is teaching this stuff and I'd like to know who the knock off artist is)

And finalllllllyyyyy....

C) it teaches a methodology I haven't seen taught anywhere else..let alone laid out step by step in true 'over the shoulder, follow along'  fashion.

Ok that's 3 things...but who the hells counting, huh?

Now pay attention because this bit's important...

>>Fair Warning: 

This Is NOT For Everyone...

Before you think I’m selling you a one-size-fits-all-push-button solution to your affiliate superstardom dreams, let me be blunt...

This is not for everyone.


If you were thinking something along the lines of:

“I was hoping I could do nothing and money would magically pour into my bank account.”

Then this most certainly is NOT FOR YOU.

I like to be unapologetically honest with people and I make no exceptions here.

If you’re a sit on your butt, do-nothing, looking for the latest done-for-you cookie cutter shortcut this really isn’t for you – and putting it bluntly...nothing like that exists that would actually work anyway... (you're gonna have to trust me on this one).

Because It's All About How You Execute Your Punch...

When you execute the right strategy at the RIGHT time, you sucker-punch your competition, leaving them stunned and clueless about what just hit them. 

If You Wanna Be a Player..

You Gotta Be A Player...

The premise and goal of Automated Income Assets is to give you a simple, working system and it is at the very core of my program and everything I do.

Automated Income Assets includes all of the modules I listed above – everything you need to get up and running.

This Training System DELIVERS.

With the right product selection and effort this model could generate anywhere from a few hundred per month to six-figures per year.

You will also find additional training, pdfs & all of my Highest converting landing pages and templates – really, there’s just way too much to list.

So at this point, I have nothing else to tell you and you've really got TWO choices...

However, I'm not going to make that decision for you, I can't.

I'm not you.

This has to be YOUR decision...

1. You can either continue to buy into pump and dump programs, the enemy of newbies all over the internet just like you, repeatedly buying junk from people who have no idea how to do affiliate marketing properly themselves, they're just rehashing crap they've heard in other courses they've bought from other people.... 

(hmmm "buying courses" sound familiar?) :)


2. You can meet a REAL expert yourself and see for yourself how it's really done in todays world along with one of his top strategies on how he does what he does. (This is a real, in the trenches, working and scalable strategy).

But let me say this...

I get it...

SOMETIMES EXISTING ON the internet can feel like being trapped in that dark room with Morpheus from the Matrix...

You know the one where he holds out his hands to Neo and offers up either a red pill of knowledge or a blue pill of blissful ignorance.

I'm giving you the same choice I was given way back in 2012, that allowed me to quit my job and make a full time income with affiliate marketing and still going strong nearly a decade later:

Blue pill or Red Pill ; if you're happy to continue to live in blissful ignorance, take the blue pill.


Be smart, take the red pill of knowledge, know your enemy and see how it's REALLY done:

I should warn you...there is NO downsell (that's not a game I play) if you click on this button, this offer will not be shown again.

The choice is yours Neo

Oh and before you decide...

If you do decide to invest in Automated Income Assets today I'm going to do something I've rarely seen done before.

I'm offering you an Industry leading 90 day money Back guarantee.

That's 3X the industry average Moneyback guarantee of 30 days.

That means over the next 90 days you can take my system, tear it apart, bank a load of profit and send it back to me for a full refund, if you really wanted to do that, you could and I'm not stopping you.

I realise SOME of you might well do that, but I also realise that the vast majority are going to give this a good solid go and if for any reason it doesn't work for you within the next 90 days, I'll return every single penny you paid for it.

I won't even ask you why.

(although I would be interested to know).

P.S So this is where I'm normally supposed to add in a bunch of (fake) scarcity, price-hike warnings, urgency and generally strong arm you and push you over the edge.

Instead, I'll just keep it real by saying this (in the words of Wayne Gretzky): "You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take".

Depending on your own individual situation, then maybe my system will be a major shot in the right direction for you.

Maybe it won't.

I don't know.

We've only just met on this page.

Only you know the answer to that.

But what I will say is this, if you honestly know that this could seriously help you, if you have even a tiny inkling that this could be exactly what you need - then don't put it off.

Go for it - you won't be disappointed. And you've got a full 90 days to try it out.

I should warn you...there is NO downsell (that's not a game I play) if you click on this button, this offer will not be shown again.

Copyright © Ben Fletcher.

DO NOT COPY/PASTE, STEAL or RIP OFF ANYTHING ON THIS PAGE!! (Seriously don't, I'll find out)