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Listen up...

What do these words mean to you?

"Instant success."

"Instant online riches."

Or more recently and the one I loathe the most...

"Push button Auto-Pilot Biz in A Box"

You've heard them all before... right?

It's all cringe-worthy vomit.

The same old stories... re-packaged and sold to the unsuspecting... all in the name of making a quick sale.

Let me explain...

My name is Benjamin Fletcher and not so long ago, I was in an all too familiar situation:

I was an over-worked, under-paid car mechanic and I was hacked off. 

I don't mean...fed up with working a j.o.b 'sort of' annoyed.

I mean...

I was good and ready to go fist to fist with the workshop foreman on a daily basis kind of hacked off.

...Heck, I even came close once.

And that was the day I QUIT.

I was working 60-hour weeks and forever dreaming of a life that seemed just that little bit beyond my reach...

Desperate to succeed but with nowhere to turn.

And despite all the hype and outrageous promises spoon-fed to me by marketing gurus, I just couldn't seem to join the last few dots... no matter how hard I tried.

So, after endless struggling with quite frankly misleading information and pretty vague ideas rattling around my brain, I finally stopped listening to the big-name gurus...

Tired and quite frankly burnt out, I started doing things... well... a little differently.

Well very differently, actually...

At first I was doing things "Black Hat" as F until that little gravy train dried up.

But enough about me, I've got a question for YOU...

What's your plan if it all goes wrong?

This is my Dog...

I've had her since she was 12 weeks old.

When I first got her, she was fine.

She was a happy playful puppy.

One day she jump off the sofa, which might not seem that high, but she had tiny legs back then, only 3 or 4 inches at most.

So jumping off a sofa 2ft high is quite a LOT.

It was a freak event, I couldn't stop her.

She just jumped.

She seemed fine afterwards.

I put her to bed that night and when I woke up the next day, she couldn't move.

Eventually when she did, she had a bad limp.

I took her to the vet and they did some X-Rays.

They told me she had severely fractured her elbow and because she was so young, they would have to operate or her bones would not develop properly.

I was shocked.

Here I had a perfectly healthy puppy, who suddenly couldn't walk!

I went ahead with the operation at a cost of....


(About $5,500 USD)

After her operation

If I hadn't had affiliate marketing to catch me where I had enough funds to cover it, the consequences could have been disastrous!

But thankfully I did.

Here she is today just turned 2 years old:

So I'll ask you again...

What's your plan if it all goes wrong?

Because things can and do go wrong all the time.

Often when you least expect it.

Maybe you're experiencing it RIGHT NOW.

Just know, I've got your back...


1. YES! You can make over 6 figures in affiliate commissions, as I've consistently done.

2. YES! You can rank in the Top TEN on multiple leader boards against some of the most competitive affiliates in the space. (Honestly, It's not even that hard because most haven't got a clue)

3. I've never missed a household bill or car payment of any kind in nearly 9+ years straight thanks to affiliate marketing.


But this is about YOU...

Are You Honestly Happy With Where Your income is At?

Or - Does It Feel Like You're Just Spinning Your Wheels - Getting Nowhere In A Hurry?

A lot of "Guru's" will tell you to "keep on going" and "keep at it" if you're just not seeing the results you want from your business. 

In some cases, that's true.

However, the more realistic answer is that you're doing something wrong. 

Or - you're not doing enough of something that's profitable. 

Otherwise, you'd be getting results - right?

Let me be totally honest and blunt here...

I only want to help ONE type of person...

And that person is the one who is ALWAYS looking for a new way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Not "sometimes"...ALWAYS.

Frustrated, angry, depressed, annoyed.

That's who I want.

Most importantly, I want you because you're not giving up.

You are the one I want to help the most.

Because I can truly sympathise with the BS circle-jerk you're going through on a daily basis in this industry.

You're the type who want to prove to themselves, to their family and friends that you can & will bring in a life changing income!


Before I get to the details, let me be clear...

This is NOT:

An "Accountability Partner" (Where someone just sits there and nods their head and says "well done").

A "Strategy Session" (Where they'll tell you to do something that you have absolutely ZERO chance of executing without their $4,997 course and every upgrade after that)

Or "Exploration emails" (Where they'll ask you a series of questions of "pain points" that they'll then stuff into their next oven-ready cookie-cutter sales letter and then tell you they're "out of time and have to dash".)

Are You Ready To Start 'Moving The Needle?'
...or is yet another year going to pass you by...

If any of the following appeals to you then this IS for you:

You need to generate a REAL & Sustainable income in 2024...
You need a friendly ear who understands Affiliate Marketing to Talk to and "bounce" ideas off of.
A second opinion about anything you're currently doing or considering.
Someone who can objectively look at your business and see it through fresh eyes.
Niche Ideas or Affiliate Offers you're thinking of but you're just not quite sure if you should go "all in".

^^ If any of that appeals to you then my Automated Income Business will be a major shift for you and your current situation!

You'll also have the 'know-how' you need to compete on 'TOP 10' Super Affiliate  Leader Boards like this:

This Is Your Pathway To TOTAL Freedom!

If you've been struggling with affiliate marketing, feeling overwhelmed by complicated systems and strategies…

I've got just the thing for you…

I used to be a car mechanic, so I know a thing or two about solving problems and making things work smoothly…

So you can have the freedom you deserve.

That's exactly what I've done with affiliate marketing.

I've stripped it down to the essentials and built a program that's straightforward, effective, and, most importantly, profitable.

I’m talking about even more paydays like this…

I'll Get You Your FIRST Affiliate Sale Within 24hrs!...

In fact, I’ve got it down to such an exact science that I can guarantee you’ll make your first affiliate sale within 24 hours of starting! 

(How many goo-roos can do that?)

Ordinary People Just Like You Have Done It Since Joining AIB:

Donny made $188.50 In Commissions within 24hrs of Joining:

Anir made $81.65 Commissions within 24hrs of Joining:

Jim also made $81.65 Commissions within 24hrs of Joining:

Chris Made $47.36 Commissions within 24hrs of Joining:

Helen made $279.26 Commissions within 24hrs of Joining:

Let’s face it…

Having a consistent, scalable (and automated) commission generating system is the #1 missing link for millions of affiliates online.

Struggle - The affiliate journey often begins with enthusiasm, but quickly turns into a struggle. Newbies find themselves in a complex maze of information, unable to figure out where to start or what path to follow. This phase is marked by confusion and a sense of being overwhelmed.
Get Burned - Next comes the painful part – getting burned. This usually happens when they fall for overhyped promises, invest in 'miracle' solutions, or follow advice from untrustworthy sources. The result? Disappointment, loss of trust, and often, a thinner wallet.
Waste A Lot of Time & Money - The culmination of this journey is the realization that they've not only lost money but also an enormous amount of time – a resource more precious than cash. One you can never earn “more” of. This phase is filled with regret and frustration, seeing how much effort has been put in with little or nothing to show for it.

The reason this happens is because beginner affiliate marketers tend to make 3 crucial mistakes…

Here’s what those 3 mistakes are:

Mistake #1: Wrong Foundations

Picture building a house on a shaky foundation; it's bound to collapse. That's what happens when you start your affiliate marketing journey with the wrong foundational knowledge…

Instead of a path to success, you end up on a 'hiding to nothing', a road that leads nowhere.

 This mistake often stems from following outdated methods, misunderstanding the market, or relying on ineffective strategies.

Mistake #2: Trying To Do It Alone

Many Affiliates are quite competitive by nature (I certainly am), and so they think "This is a piece of cake, I can do this all on my own!".

When the cold hard truth is, they can't!

Don't get me wrong, you can definitely make a few sales here and there by winging it, however trying to make consistent daily sales without a solid plan is like trying to drive a car on one wheel.

Mistake #3: Not Taking ACTION

So you talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

I've invested nearly a decade of my life in this industry, and the one thing I notice about those that MAKE IT and those who DON'T, is that they don't just learn/read forever...

They absorb what they need and then they TAKE ACTION!

Ready to become a Super Affiliate?

3 MASSIVE Reasons To Join The Automated Income Business Program TODAY...

Here's Why You're Going to Love This Program:

Ease of Use…

I've designed this entire program to be user-friendly and most of all, beginner-friendly. You won't get bogged down in technical jargon or complicated methods or softwares. I have students from all walks of life who jump in and get results FAST.

Proven program…

Every component in this program has been tested and refined in the real world. You'll have access to everything you need to get results, not just theories or “what ifs”.

You'll get access to everything I do in my business to bring in 6 figures a year.

Speed To Profit...

You don't need to spend all day stuck to your computer… This is all about making smart, impactful moves.

Plus, I have ONE goal… And that is to help you build a $5,000/month income within the next 90 days!

Here's Everything You Get When You Join Today...

1. Your First Affiliate Sale Within 24hrs Of Joining - $500 VALUE: By tapping into my extensive email list, I can guarantee your first affiliate sale within the first 24 hours of joining. 

This is a result of my 10K+ subscriber base, where I consistently see earnings up to $600+ per email.

This alone has a value of $2,000. Because that's what I charge for a solo mailing.

Additionally, I guarantee your approval for promoting all my products with a 100% commission rate. 

My normal commission rate for affiliates is 50%.

When you join the AIB program, I will raise that to 100%!

I will use my list to mail your affiliate link, securing your initial sale swiftly. Say goodbye to getting rejected and denied when trying to request to promote quality offers as an affiliate!

2. 4x Of My Best Selling Profit Producing Products - $4,500 VALUE: Unlike many outdated or unsellable Private Label Rights (PLR) products, this package includes four of my top-selling products. These are items that continue to generate sales daily, ensuring you're offering valuable and sought-after products!

3. My #1 Buyer Traffic Training + All My Sources - $997 VALUE: This is an exclusive insight into my buyer traffic strategies and sources. I share the methods and channels I use to attract buyers – the same ones that populate my email list and are known for their high purchase rates!

4. Ready-to-Use Best-Converting Landing Pages - $1,997 VALUE: Leverage landing pages that have undergone extensive split testing and optimization. These are among the highest converting in the industry, designed to maximize your conversion rates and sales.

5. 1-on-1 Email Coaching + Direct Cell Phone - $4,997 VALUE: Receive personalized, direct 1 on 1 coaching from me. Whether you have specific questions or need general guidance, you'll have direct access to my expertise via email and phone!

6. VIP Introduction To Industry BIG NAME JV Partners - $997 VALUE: This one is almost too good to even place a monetary value on.

I will give you introductions to key joint venture partners in the industry. These are contacts typically accessible only through high-level networking at major industry events and masterminds.

Meaning, you either pay tens of thousands of dollars to travel and attend these events… or you get the introductions from the comfort of your computer without the expense.

7. FAST-Track Priority Helpdesk Support - $997 VALUE:

Get priority, fast-tracked support for any issues or queries.

This means quicker responses and resolutions compared to standard support channels.

Forget about waiting days for support. You get fast tracked directly to me.

8. LIFETIME Access To The Training & ALL Future Updates - $2,997 VALUE:

Enjoy lifelong access to all current and future training materials. This ensures you remain up-to-date with the latest strategies and tools in affiliate marketing.


My TRIPLE Success Guarantee

I am fully confident in this program, and I want you to feel confident and secure in trying it out.

I'm here to support you every step of the way, not just take your money and run.

That’s why I’m not just giving you one guarantee...

I’m giving you three!

Guarantee #1

I call this one the “No Tire Kicker - No Refund” Guarantee. Here’s Why…

People who are thinking of refunding a product before they've even purchased are what we used to call in the car business “tire kickers” because they would stand around and kick tires with zero intention of doing anything.

That type of mentality is NOT a good fit for this program and tire kickers won’t be accepted.

I’m giving you access to my ENTIRE business. I even ask you to sign an agreement BEFORE anyone gets access to this private, Patented material. Once it’s been seen, it cannot be unseen.

Guarantee #2

Force You To $5K Income...

I will “force you to $5,000 Per Month” whether you like it or not, guaranteed.

If after getting access to my entire business and you have not made at least $5,000, doing everything I tell you to do within the next 90 days…

Or you feel I have not equipped you with everything you need to achieve it…

I will (personally) work with you 1-on-1 until you do!

Value: $5,000.

I normally charge $997/hr for direct access to me.

You must follow all the steps and implement all the simple step-by-step strategies you'll find inside.

The worst possible thing that can happen, is you have me, a six-figure super affiliate, working alongside you until you’ve made your first $5K/month (and more after that!).

I know $5,000 a Month won’t make you a millionaire in the next year..but it’s certainly enough to make a MASSIVE difference in your lifestyle and those around you…

It’s enough to take your family on wonderful holidays anywhere in the world.

It’s enough to stay at some of the most exclusive hotels and dine at some of the finest restaurants in the world.

And it’s certainly enough to clear some of those dreaded credit card bills, outstanding loans or any other of the ‘usual’ expenses that drag most people down these days.

And this is just the beginning!

Guarantee #3

Your First Affiliate Sale Within 24hrs of Joining!

Nobody Else Offers Anything Like This.

Everyone knows getting that FIRST coveted sale is ALWAYS the hardest…

I will help you get over that hump. All you have to do is join today.

Don't Forget My Deadline Only Bonuses:

Here's a recap:

2 Easy Payment Options:

1x Payment Of $1997

(Saves $388)

4x Payments Of $597

Total Payment: $2,388

Still here?

Ask yourself why? 

Because 90 days from now two things will happen:

Either you’ll be 90 days older.

Or you’ll be 90 days older and having a $5K/month income Business.

And without needing to continue riding the constant rat-wheel.

The only difference between what happens 90 days from now is the decision you make.

If you leave without doing anything...

You’ll continue to struggle and grind.

You won't know what it's like to have a business that gives you the level of freedom I have and that you could also have.

Once you join, you’ll see the private & patented inner workings of my own high six-figure business and everything you need is all laid out for you step by step.

Even if you're a complete newbie!

So 90 days from now...

Are you going to be 90 days older ...or 90 days older and with your own $5K/month income stream?

If you’re serious about getting off the constant rat-wheel and having the freedom you deserve the decision is easy.

Click one of the easy join options below and I’ll see you on the inside...

1x Payment Of $1997

(Saves $388)

4x Payments Of $597

Total Payment: $2,388

Hello from Ben Fletcher!

My name is Ben Fletcher, I’ve had a full time business online since 2012. I have ADHD and I’m also profoundly deaf. 

Besides racing Motocross & My dog, my passion and energy goes into helping newbie's start their own Internet businesses online from scratch.

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