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This Is The Part Where I'm 'Supposed' To Write A Load of Hype

(you get 'waaay more sales' that way...apparently)

...Instead I'm Just Going To Straight Up Tell You What's Inside...

(and I realise I'm probably shooting myself in the foot blowing all this)

But first...
Before you read another word on this page...


(because it's super important you understand how this 'internet game' works)

(In fact, it's so important I bought the rights from him to use this passage on this very page out of my own pocket!!)

From the Desk of IM Legend Ben Settle:

"It’s a dog-eat-dog world and we’re all wearing milk bone underwear"....

I was watching the movie “Batman: The Dark Knight” the other day, and the opening scene has an extremely important lesson for anyone in business.

The Joker:

That's him ^^

Here’s what I mean:

The movie starts with a bunch of crooks in clown masks robbing a bank. 

The leader of the gang is the infamous Joker.

And as the various crooks are doing their jobs...

(breaking into the vault, disabling the alarm, keeping the hostages under control, etc) 

...they each start betraying and killing each other.

So, for example:

When disabling the alarm, one of the clowns shoots the other guy after he disables it.

When in the vault, same thing, once it is open, one of the clowns shoots the guy who opens it.

When it comes down to just two guys left (the Joker and one other clown), the Joker has the other guy killed… so that in the end, it’s just the Joker.

Brilliantly freaky, no doubt.

But, what does this have to do with you?

We got lots of “Jokers” in the business world.

And many are ready to betray you on a dime.

Frankly, many an otherwise smart person has gotten “got” because they did business with someone of unsavoury character, for the promise of riches and glory.

When it happens you never see it coming, either.

But, afterwards, you wonder how you missed it.

It’s happened to me.

It’s happened to everyone else I know, too.

But, it doesn’t have to happen for you.

Pick and choose the people you work with, the services you hire (or hire out to), and the products you buy (or sell, if you are selling someone else’s product).

Hey, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.

And we’re all wearing milk bone underwear.

Did you read that box from Ben Settle above?

If you didn't...
Go read it now, don't worry I'll still be here waiting for you.

If you did...AWESOME!

Keep reading....

Like he says, It's a dog-eat-dog world & because of that most aspiring newbie affiliates are literally SCREWED before they even start...

Read that last line again:
"Screwed before you start!"

So I've decided to blow the doors wide open on what's working RIGHT NOW (2023) in Affiliate Marketing...

That means you can start pouring those commissions into your bank account that "everybody keeps telling you about"!


"Affiliate Marketing On CRACK!" 

 - How to invade & kick-ass in ANY niche.


365 Day Moneyback Guarantee!

So, here's what's waiting for you inside this training...

How one freak affiliate sale on Xmas Eve for $56.78 led to over $36,450 in additional commissions (not typical but it CAN, DOES and WILL happen again for someone - many times over)
Why something I call a "Bleeding Neck" changed the way I sell affiliate products for life (this changed the game for me)
The 3 Niches that have made me the most commissions hands down (these niches have an irrational desire to spend money - hand over fist!)
How I Build highly responsive Affiliate email lists For FREE (so simple, I'm embarrassed)
How to Turn a $10 sale into a 4 figure paycheck. (again, deadly serious, and I'll break down the numbers right in front of you)
The one type of offer nearly all affiliates, (except the top 3-10%) completely overlook (and so are you...probably).
Why your competition isn't who you think it is (most newbie affiliates get this wrong and it's excruciatingly painful when I see it)
My triple layered Bonus Stacking Method (this is how I absolutely crush it)
How to make your email list almost beg you to buy! (See all that stuff I won in the picture above? well, this is how you do it)
The one thing I wish I did in 2012 and how you can avoid the same mistake (If I'd done this years ago I'd have made more cash...a lot more)
The self serve Ad platform that has upwards of 234 Million users and how I infiltrate it. (very few affiliates know about this source let alone use it or even more...share it)
The only offers I promote...yup, I don't promote anything & everything. In fact few offers make the grade but the ones that do knock the socks off anything else, I'll give you the EXACT criteria I use to select them aswell. (Works for any Niche!)
6 Affiliate networks rammed full of hot products that sell like sh*t off a shovel, these are truly little 'Aladdin's Cave's' (and I guarantee you haven't heard of 4 of them or your money back...I mean it)
How I create raving fans who will buy almost everything I have to offer (Hint: I operate in multiple Niches and this works for every single one of them)
My "secret" 80% solution. (this one's for you if you're a procrastinator)
The 4 Quads of Affiliate Traffic. (Once you understand this, prepare to experience rapid growth!)
My 'Chart of Awareness' and the "Shooting fish in a Barrel" approach to Affiliate Marketing domination. (this is easily one of my favorite nuggets of gold and I've never revealed it before...until now)
My counter-intuitive approach to Google Ads (And why Google actually LOVES Affiliate marketers ...but only if you do this correctly and most don't... "google hates affiliates!" they bleat...fact is, nothing could be further from the TRUTH.)
The one thing you must do with all your affiliate links to crank out more clicks & sales (this is another thing most affiliates miss or even worse, wilfully ignore)
Affiliate Facebook Ads benchmarks and "Optimal ranges" (this is based on pure undeniable data from multiple other 6 figure affiliates on my Skype)
My 325% Affiliate Traffic Re-pump Method (So simple you've got to see it to believe it)
My TOP 2 killer Lead-gen headlines EVER that led to 70%+ Optin Rates. (I'll admit they're completely gross but they flat out work and in case you're wondering if 70% is high, put it this way, industry average is about 20-30%)
My 'Go-to' Formula for every single Ad, Landing page, Email, Blog post I write..EVERYTHING! (Hint: I've already used it somewhere on this page)
Why simple, butt-ugly ads still work in 2023 (I'll hand you the best from my own personal swipe file)
A little known Clickbank checkout secret that boosts my commissions (And it's right there in front of your face, I can't take credit for this one though I was told this by somebody equally as smart as I am)
The best time to mail offers (You've probably been told different by the "goo-roo's", in fact most likely the exact opposite)
How to jack up your email clicks by as much as 50% (I'll eat my mattress and post it on youtube if you're already doing this one)
How to increase your optin-rate by 25% or more without writing a single line of new copy (super powerful but easy to do and most page builders already have this little baby built in)
How to ethically "steal" other peoples Assets for your own gain (Remember, I said Ethically and I'll show you how)
How to subliminally shoot down objections already in your prospects head and practically double your affiliate sales in the process (no kidding here)
The best images to use for Facebook & Google ads (these work hands down over anything else I've ever tested, they worked in 2014 and they still work in 2023!)
The 1 thing you should turn OFF when running Affiliate Ads on ANY network (seriously, do not run Ad's until you're aware of this, Facebook & Google sure as hell won't tell you...they didn't even tell me)
The one thing you should have in every single email you send (without this, you're on the highway to Skintsville)
And much, much more, I've listed just about as much as I can, any more and my fingers are going to go numb, anyhoo...

access IT ALL today
Everything...The whole kahuna
- ONLY $17!


Take it and try it out for 365 days, an entire year...If you don't see the value and you don't feel I've completely and thoroughly over-delivered, I'll buy it back from you for 100% of the money you paid.

Hello from Ben Fletcher!

My name is Ben Fletcher, I’ve had a full time business online since 2012. I have ADHD and I’m also profoundly deaf. 

Besides racing Motocross & My dog, my passion and energy goes into helping newbie's start their own Internet businesses online from scratch.

"Hey Ben, isn't it a bit risky you telling us all this stuff, I mean these ARE your secrets, right?"

Ok, I hear you loud and clear and trust me, I've been in your position myself and 'hand on heart' that kind of thinking held me back for years. 

Literally YEARS.

I often wondered if half the stuff I was buying was worth a damn, because let's be honest..."who the hell spills their secrets, huh"

But here's what I've come to realise...

Most people who buy this won't do anything with it, nothing, zilch nada...even though the content is solid and I've emptied my soul into this  "warts n all". 

They'll just move on to the next "answer to their prayers" piece of crap product and guess what, they'll do nothing with that no threat to me there!


The real threat to me are those who take this info and put it to work, they're my REAL competition.

But even still, guess what...

There are literally hundreds if not THOUSANDS of opportunities to take this stuff and absolutely kill it. I couldn't possibly take advantage of them all for myself, even if I wanted to.

I literally physically couldn't, the sea of opportunity out there is just way too huge, I would frigging drown if I tried to take it all on myself, for real.

There's more than enough to go around for all of us action takers.

And anyway, the benefit of sharing this stuff far outweighs the risk to me...

Because even if it so happens that some of you guys take this and muscle in on my turf (and that's highly possible btw), you'll give me a big fat testimonial, won't you, right? Can we make a deal here?...

And not only that....

Who knows, perhaps we could even partner up together in the future, who really knows where this will lead...?! 


Take it and try it out for 365 days, an entire year...If you don't see the value and you don't feel I've completely and thoroughly over-delivered, I'll buy it back from you for 100% of the money you paid.

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Do I need those upsells to make what you're about to sell me work?

No. I hate that.

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